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King Roy Johnson Jr.

and Queen Adrienne Hal

Welcomes you to TNBA 2020-2021

We were looking forward to seeing everyone in Vegas for TNBA’s 81st National Convention and 79th Annual Championship Tournament but we had to change the course due to Covid-19.  Like most organizations The National Bowling Association had to transition from what we were accustomed to and find ways to continue to communicate and celebrate during this pandemic as they prepared for one season to end and another one to begin. 

It has been a fun filled year of promoting TNBA as Prince and Princess for the 2019-2020 season and we look forward to carry on that tradition as your 2020-2021 National King and Queen.  Most of TNBA activities were moved up one year so we expect to be in Las Vegas next year (and going to Dallas in 2022).

We pray for the families of those that have lost loved ones and know that while they are not physically with us, they are and will forever be in our hearts.

2020 King Roy Johnson and Queen Adrienne Hal


Thursday – Sunday, the last two weeks in May, 2021
79th Annual Championship Tournament
Team Event: Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
Doubles and Singles Event: Texas Station
Mixed Doubles Event: The Orleans Hotel & Casino
MSL Battle of the Sexes: Gold Coast Gambling Hall & Hotel
TNBA AJR Junior Championship: The Orleans Hotel & Casino

Headquarters Hotel: 

The Orleans Hotel and Casino

Overflow Hotels:

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel

Saturday, ±May 22
TNBA AJR Junior Championship Roll-Off
Delegate Registration

Sunday, ±May 23
TNBA History Display
TNBA Gospel Fest
Delegate Registration

Monday, ±May 24
Delegate Registration
81st Annual Convention
TNBA Annual King & Queen Luncheon

Tuesday, ±May 25
TNBA Memorial Service
81st Annual Convention
Annual Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame Induction

Wednesday, ±May 26
TNBA JP&SP, Inc. 2021 National Golf Tournament

Thursday, ±May 27
TNBA Margaret S. Lee National Battle of the Sexes
Scholarship Tournament
Gold Coast Hotel & Casino – Check in 9:00 am – Bowl at 10:00 am
Limited to the 1st 70 entries (35 women & 35 men)

Friday, ±May 28

TNBA Joe Thomas King & Queen Coronation Ball

“Something New”:  Due to the pandemic in our country, instead of welcoming you to a city, we welcome you to “Something New”. Different from The National Tournament and Convention we are accustomed to, this year we are communicating and celebrating virtually. Although this may not be what we’d prefer, thru adversity, TNBA has shown what’s most important…the health and safety of its family. As 2019 King and Queen, and family members, we are proud of our leadership for how they are handling “Something New”.  We have enjoyed a remarkable reign this year. We will be forever grateful to each region, and its members, for all the love, support and generous gifts bestowed on us. From the cruise in the East, to the “shoot-out” in the West, with the Southern education and Central introduction to “The Greatest” in between, we will never forget the royal hospitality shown to us.

     We send special thanks to each of our regional host for sharing your time and thoughtfulness with us. Additionally, we would like to thank all the past Kings and Queens for your support and guidance, as well as, our Prince and Princess, Roy and Adrienne, for completing our great “Royal Set”.

2019 King Douglas Woodley and Queen Wanda Parker