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Sunshine Committee & Vendor Coordinator

Program Objective

  • To design and purchase souvenirs that TNBA members will be proud to have or give as a gift.
  • To have souvenirs available on a year round basis.
  • To create a program that will generate revenue for the general fund.

Membership may obtain merchandise through a mail order program.

Merchandise is provided through National, Regional, Rhodman and local city tournaments.

Souvenirs off-site may be ordered by telephone or facsimile.

In the future products will be available through on-line ordering.


National Level
To create a program that will generate revenue for the general fund.

Local Level

  • To support the national program through the mail order program on a year round basis.
  • To offer suggestions and have input to the program.
  • To have merchandise available to junior bowlers.


National Level
To build an alliance between The National and Local Senates to enhance the marketing of the organization worldwide.

Local Level
All merchandise purchased in large or bulk will receive a 10% discount.
Membership support will generate revenue to support the general fund.

All TNBA members can be involved in this program.
Senates are encouraged to order for any senate program i.e.; Junior bowlers program.

Order form will be in duplicate.

  • Order forms will be made available upon request.
  • Order form will be available on-line.

Time Elements

Mail order requires 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Large or bulk orders should be placed three (3) months in advance of required