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TNBA Salutes our Members

Haynes Selected to Coach Hong Kong National Bowing Team                                                          


The world Bowling Championship 2017 is the sport of bowling’s most prestigious event featuring the top male and female athletes from World Bowling National Federation. It took place at South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, NV from November 24 through December 4. More than 390 male and female athletes from 42 countries competed in the 10-day tournament.

Las Vegas Senate member, David Haynes, was selected to coach the Hong Kong Bowling Team. David has been a member of the Las Vegas Senate for a number of years. After turning professional, David could no longer bowl in TNBA tournaments, but he renews his membership every year. As owner of Haynes Bowling Supplies in Las Vegas, he continues to purchase ads in TNBA’s Souvenir Yearbook. David’s Pro. Shop was recently voted the best Sporting Goods Store in Las Vegas for the third year. David prides himself for giving every customer great service. David was on Team USA for 10 years and holds 11 PBA Regional titles. David’s highest sanctioned average is 242.

I asked Head Coach Nick Bohanan why Bill Hoffman, Director of the Hong Kong Team selected David to join the coaching staff. He said David has a vast knowledge of bowling equipment and lane conditions. I had a chance to watch David’s team in the singles and doubles event. One of his bowlers, Shur Han Chan, throws what is called a Helicopter Ball, better known as a spinner. It looks like a spinning top going down the lanes. It’s a sight to see. I asked David the theory behind this type of roll. He told me that the spinner ball eliminates all oil patterns. If the ball hits the head pin on either side the rest of the pins go flying all over the place.  Shur Han Chan won a bronze metal in the Women’s Singles.  Kwun Ho Lau and Eric Tseng won Silver Medals in the Men’s Doubles.  Eric Tseng, Siu Hong Wu and Michael Mak won gold medals in the men’s trio event.

David is married to Tisha Carter. They have one daughter, Judy. She was born with neuroblastoma, a rare cancer on her spine, which caused some paralysis in her legs. After undergoing chemo treatments, she is doing much better. Judy is now in school and able to get around with a walker. Because of her, TNBA members have been bowling for the cure and donating money to the Children’s Specialty Center. Please continue to support this program.

TNBA’s partner, United States Bowling Congress has 6 teams and 24 strong bowlers in the 2017 World Bowling Championships Tournament. For final tournament results go to


12/4/2017 By Danny Mack



“Black Girls Can Bowl 2” 

My name is Gazmine “GG” Mason and I’m from Providence, Rhode Island. I bowled for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for 4 years and I am now finishing up my last semester to receive my Bachelors Degree in business with a minor in computer science. I am a two-time Junior Team USA member, Pabcon gold, silver, and bronze medalist, World Youth Champion gold, silver, and bronze medalist, All-American, and National Champion. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the help of TNBA along the way. With TNBA’s help, in particular Coach Don and Barbara Armstead I was able to experience my first encounter at the International Training Resource Center and train with Team USA’s bowling coaches. TNBA has allowed me to meet new people and travel to various tournaments receiving some experience under my belt that I would later be using in my future. My next major goal is to make Team USA.

This past year I went to team trials and saw that out of the 100 plus female bowling athletes, there were only 3 African American females competing. I also noticed that those who made both junior and the adult Team USA, in which I whole heartedly congratulate, there were not any females of color on either team and it bothered me. Collegiate bowling is predominantly a white sport; I decided I would do anything and everything in my power to get more African Americans involved in this sport. That’s when I then came up with the idea of “BGCB2”, short for “Black Girls Can Bowl Too” I started by going through each bowling roster on the NCAA website to recruit every female of color. My idea for this group was to create a safe haven for us African American females; allowing us to ask questions, create dialog, get advice from each other and create an environment that when we go to tournaments we have others to fellowship with besides just our teammates.

For example I was the only African American female bowler at the University of Nebraska and in our group I’ve been asked by other members, either those who may be going into a similar situation or are just curious, on how it was being the only African American on the bowling team. We have great discussions and interactions and I encourage others to join the group. During the majority of my 4 years in NCAA bowling, I barely spoke to African American female athletes from the other teams who were at the tournaments; I want that to change for future NCAA bowling athletes. BGCB2 started with less than 40 females and now there are around 80, including a few of those attending high school. I really just want to impact the youth, make a difference, and get more African Americans, especially females, involved in the sport. You can following BGCB2 on Instagram and join us on Facebook.   Gazmine Mason 9-20-17


Central Region Super Youth

 jalen-mosley4Bowling in this year’s USBC Masters Tournament in Las Vegas, Jalen Mosley was the talk of the tournament. Out of a field of almost 400 Bowlers from all over the world, Jalen had an unbelievable week. Jalen became the youngest bowler in the history of the Masters to reach match play.

jalen-mosley2aJalen won his first two matches including outlasting five-time PBA champion Mike Wolf. He bowled 289 in his first match. Unfortunately, his third and fourth matches were against two of the hottest brothers in the tournament, Darren and Michael Tang (both making the TV finals).

Jalen was very well received by the likes of USBC President Chad Murphy and Hall 0f Famer Marshall Holman. He has been bowling since he was two years old. He is currently in the tenth grade at Providence Cristo Rey High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was the 2016 I.S.N.B.A Central Region Singles Champion and was crowned the 2015 Central Regional Team Champ. He has been a member of the Youth All City team three years. His highest game is 300 with a high series of 800.

jalen-mosley3bTNBA’s Danny Mack, who attended this event was asked by Marshall if he was Jason’s dad. “I almost said yes,” Danny said. “Sitting there with his mom, Libby Irwin, we were so proud. I watched him all week and it is still hard for me to believe that someone that young could be so good!!” Jalen and his mother were given front row seats at the live TV show.

Jalen Mosley is an outstanding Junior Bowler from the Indiana Bowling Senate. Danny notes that his high school does not have a bowling program. He does bowl two leagues on the weekend. “I cannot come up with the words to describe this young 16 year old’s talent,” Danny Says, “let’s keep supporting our Junior Bowlers.”

[see more at WTHR (NBC)]



Kings & Queens United’s 2016 Annual Retreat.

TNBA’s Kings & Queens United held their 2016 Annual Weekend Retreat on October 10-13, 2016 in St. Petersburg, FL.  This years retreat was hosted by the Saint Petersburg Bowling Senate’s President, Queen Lenora Steward.  In addition to the cookout, picnic and tour, they had lunch at the well known Parkshore Grill in St. Petersburg FL., danced, dined and listened to the local celebrity saxophonist Mr. Henry Ash Wood at Shantells Jazz Café & Oyster Bar in Sanford, FL., and had fine dining at Bascom’s Chop House in Clearwater, FL.


TNBA National Director of Tournaments,

Luther Moses 2015 TNBA Hall of Fame Inductee

Luther-2015- accepting HOF Award2

Luther Accepting TNBA’s Hall of Fame Award

Luther Moses was the recipient of the ‘2015 Hall of Fame’ award, during the TNBA ‘76th Annual Convention’ and TNBA Week festivities in Las Vegas, Nevada. The TNBA festivities also included the ‘74th Championship Tournament, held May 21 – 31, 2015; of which Luther serves as the National Director of Tournaments; a role he has held for the past seven years.

A capacity-filled banquet hall, which included members of Luther’s family, and past and present National Tournament Staff, witnessed him receiving the award for Meritorious Service; an award given that he so richly deserved.

Luther, who is also a TNBA Life Member, was honored for Meritorious Service; based on a 43 year history with TNBA, serving in multiple roles for the organization. His passion for bowling led him to join TNBA in 1972; after returning to California following an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force; where wanted to become more involved with the organization, not just as a bowler. In 1978, a United States Postal Service promotion led Luther to relocate to Denver, Colorado where he actively became involved with the Denver Bowling Senate; serving as its President for twelve years. As a result of his professionalism, service and dedication to TNBA and over the span of 25 years; Luther has served as TNBA Budget Director (2 years), Assistant Western Region Tournament Director (3 years), appointed as acting, then Western Region Tournament Director (18 years); Western Region Rhodman Tournament Director (3 years); then ultimately appointed as TNBA National Director of Tournaments.

Luther surrounded by fellow HOF recipients

Luther surrounded by fellow HOF recipients

Other TNBA accolades include: Board Member of JP & SP (1989), where he served as Vice-Chairman and formed the now Century Club; donating the first $100.00 out of his own pocket; a philanthropic gesture he has continuously donated since 1989, to date. Luther has served as Chairman of TNBA Finance Committee; Chaplin; Parliamentarian, headquarters relocation committee; Cabinet Advisory Committees, Site Regional Inspection Committee and a Southern Regional Tournament staff member.

Luther’s bowling accomplishments include two ‘300’ game awards, ‘299’ game award (twice) and a career high series of 776. He is also proud of a current book average of ‘206’.

Personal accomplishments include his wife and one daughter; a life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; member of California State University Alumni Association; a faithful member of Kings Baptist Church; Blacks in Government (BIG); Denver Strikers-Strikettes Bowling Club; National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) and National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS). Three years ago, Luther retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 42 years.

The National Bowling Association, Inc., joins the Western Region Senate’s Committee in recognizing Luther Moses as the 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee, for Meritorious Service. He has taken his rightful place alongside his fellow recipients and colleagues.

CONGRATULATIONS LUTHER!! [posted 7/6/2015]



Lieutenant Commander Robyn White


Lieutenant Commander Robyn White

TNBA member Robyn White recently celebrated her promotion to Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy.   US Navy Lieutenant Commander positions are significant because they are the first commissioned officer positions that are selected by special selection boards.  Lcdr White began her tour of duty in December, 2005 where she serves as a Nurse Corps Officer.  She has served in Kuwait for Operation Enduring Freedom and also has toured on humanitarian missions with the USN Hospital Ship Comfort (T-AH-20) to help victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  She is currently studying at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (Bethesda, MD) for her Doctorate in Nursing.  Her dad, Robert Reynolds, is also a TNBA member and bowls with the Las Vegas Bowling Senate.  Good sailing, Lieutenant Commander White, job well done!!

[posted 6/5/2015]




TNBA Members Join Hammer Staff

Hammer has been a corporate sponsor to TNBA for over 5 years.  Over the years, they have become a true, dedicated member of the TNBA family. This year they have added a new sponsorship element to this relationship. Bugsy Kelly of Ebonite International/Hammer has developed a new program that rewards TNBA members (one from each of the four regions) with a one year “Hammer Amateur Staff Contract.” These four members will be provided with hammer equipment and invited to hammer events. They will promote the Hammer and TNBA brands.


Cieara Watts


Congratulations go out to Ron Holt (Eastern), Charles Zelaya (Western), Cieara Watts (Southern) and Michele Irwin (Central). Names of deserving candidates from across the country were submitted to Team Hammer by TNBA leaders for consideration. From that list, these bowlers were chosen by Hammer based on their support and dedication to TNBA, image amongst their peers and bowling ability.


Ron Holt

Today it is common for companies to hire celebrities and well known sports figures to endorse their products.
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All companies in the bowling industry have professional bowlers on staff to help promote their company’s products, especially bowling balls. Hammer utilizes a combination of professionals and amateurs on their staff. They have discovered that high averaged amateurs that compete in many tournaments are very effective in showing the public the quality and efficiency of their products.


Michele Irwin

Please join TNBA in congratulating Ron, Charles, Cieara and Michele. They join fellow TNBA members Novella Daniel and Ron Simms Jr. on the Hammer staff. We thank Hammer for offering this opportunity.

Send in your yearbook ads and high scores for the 2015 issue of “TNBA’s 2015 Yearbook Journal” to  Rob McDaniel.  Ads and high scores should be submitted by February 15, 2015.  Submit high scores for both adult and junior bowlers.  Ad and high score forms may be found on the Yearbook page.







Denver Bowling Senate Annual Tournament



Amos Gordon, a member of the Colorado Springs Senate (left) poses with Luther Moses TNBA NDOT (right).   Amos shot 900 in his league on the Fort Carson army post.  He is the first TNBA member to accomplish this feat.