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Program Objective

The purpose of the Junior Bowling Program of the National Bowling Association, Inc. is to foster and promote the game of Ten Pins among both boys and girls. Membership is open to both USBC certified youth bowlers and non-bowlers.

The TNBA Junior Bowling Program promotes the slogan of the National organization – “Promoter of Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship”.  The TNBA Junior program serves as a recruiting agency and point-of-entry for all youth bowlers to receive the guidance and encouragement needed to learn the game and develop the skills that are essential to full enjoyment and successful competition. Such encouragement and training prepares TNBA youth bowlers to compete on equal terms in tournaments and competitions, as well as earn college scholarships.

In addition to bowling, TNBA Junior Bowlers are given instructions in the basics of everyday living, such as: a sense of fair play in sports and daily habits, respect for others, leadership, responsibility and honesty.

Membership in the National Bowling Association Junior Bowling Program is open to all children who have not reached their 18th birthday on or before August 1st of the upcoming bowling season. Once certified under this rule, a TNBA Junior Bowler is an eligible bowler until July 31 unless under suspension.

Individual membership in the National Bowling Association Junior Bowling Program can be obtained only through bowling in a TNBA certified league, or through participation in a TNBA certified event.  Contact me or your local Senate for additional membership information.

The current certification fee is $10.00.

Anthony Mitchell, Junior Bowling Director
((513) 769-1985 Ext. 238