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Souvenir Yearbook

The National Bowling Association will have our 2024 TNBA Week, our 85th Anniversary, our 84th Annual Convention and our 82nd Championship Tournament in Chicagoland, IL. On May 16 – May 26, 2024. Many activities are planned for this year’s TNBA Week; the Margaret S. Lee Battle of the Sexes Scholarship Tournament, the King George R. Hull Memorial Golf Tournament, the Joe Thomas King & Queen Coronation Ball just to name a few, in addition to our national tournament and convention.

In our past issues of TNBAs Souvenir Yearbook Journal, we highlighted our senate members. We recognized our first responders, our members who support our communities, honored our senate founding fathers and highlighted our senates’ histories. In last year’s issue, we focused on our military men and women; that issue was very well received by our membership. This year, we will focus on our Senate Entrepreneurs, those members who have founded their own businesses and revenue opportunities. If you have members that fit this description, submit a page, free of charge, highlighting those businesspersons. This page could include pictures, titles and/or small writeups. These pages along with your paid senate ads and high scores will be included in our online edition of the journal. Please expedite these pages as the submittal deadline is March 15, 2024.

Incidentally, several of our senates said that, for various reasons, they were not able to submit military pages for last year’s issue of the Souvenir Yearbook Journal. Not a problem; if you want to submit those pages in this year’s issue, that’s fine. They will be accepted, also free of charge.

Click on the picture below to enjoy the current edition of TNBA’s 2023 Souvenir Yearbook Journal.

Click here to download the PDF version

DEADLINE FOR ALL AD/PATRON SUBMISSIONS for the 2024 Yearbook is MARCH 15, 2024.

Be sure to submit your bowler high scores for this year’s yearbook.  There is no charge for placing member high scores in the yearbook.  It’s quick and easy and gives you the opportunity to acknowledge your high achievers. High scores MUST be submitted using TNBA’s Excel spreadsheet.  Note that high score forms in Word, pdf, or other formats (including hard copy forms) will not be accepted.  When filling out the Excel form, use upper and lower case type style (do not use ALL CAPS.)  Submit  your Junior Bowlers scores as well. I accept all Junior Bowlers scores. Email the Excel form back to me at the address below.  If you have any questions or need assistance, just send me an email, text or call me.

It is all about Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship.

2 – 2023 AdOrderForm      3 – 2023 High Scores – Adults   4 – 2023 High Scores Juniors

1 – 2024 Welcome letter

Our latest issues of TNBA’s Souvenir Yearbook may be viewed online by selecting the Book below.  These books will allow you to print out pages; if you want me to send you a link to download the entire yearbook (in PDF format) send me an email at: or

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