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King & Queen Contest

Program Objective

Assist in increasing revenue for both the TNBA General Fund and each participating TNBA senate.

The senate participating in the program will receive back one-third (1/3) of all gross receipts reported. This may be in the form of having a contestant or just selling vote tickets for $1.00 each. (The vote tickets are sent to the requesting senates at no cost.) This program also helps fund the High Score Awards Program.


National Level:
Male & Female Assistants
Regional Assistants

Local Level:
King & Queen Coordinator

  • The Senates received 1/3 of the gross receipts
  • The King & Queen reign supreme over TNBA Week
  • The King & Queen attends two of the four (4) Regional Tournaments paid for by TNBA
  • Presented to the TNBA membership & receive the royal treatment at the Regional Tournaments
  • Reign over the King & Queen luncheon given in their honor
  • The King & Queen receives ten (10%) of their receipts
  • The Prince & Princess receives ten (10%) of their receipts
  • Reign over the King & Queen Ball until the new King & Queen is announced
  • Become part of the TNBA Royal Family
  • Receive TNBA gifts of King & Queen shirts and Loving Cups

Any TNBA member in good standing who possess the ability to work hard

Kick-off date of the contest is September 1 annually
Closing date for the contest is May 1st annually

TNBA Kings & Queens By Year

Years 1958 – 1989    

    Years 1990 – 2004

Years 2005 – 2015

Years 2016 – 2020

Past Kings & Queens

Joe Thomas King & Queen Coronation Balls