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The Bowler Magazine

The Bowler Magazine is published three times a year; September, January and April. Articles are accepted from TNBA Senates, Directors, Chairpersons and members to allow our readers to keep up on the latest TNBA news and to highlight our adult and youth accomplishments. Article submission deadlines for The Bowler are July 31, November 30 and February 28.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions placed on vendors, travel and other resource limitations, The Bowler magazine will continue to be available online only.

To view the current addition of The Bowler magazine, click on the picture of The Bowler below or the “View Issue” tag.

Contact me if you wish for a PDF version of the magazine or for my printer to send you a book (cost is $15.00 each including postage and mailing.) 

Jan McDaniel, Bowler Magazine
(513) 769-1985 Ext.230

September, 2023 Issue

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April, 2023 Issue

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January, 2023 Issue

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September, 2022 Issue

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January, 2022 Issue

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September, 2021 Issue

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April, 2021 Issue

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September, 2020 Issue

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