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Welcome To The National Bowling Association, Inc.

The Presidents Vlog

President Ronald Simms Jr. gives his July update. Click on the Presidents Vlog page to hear more.

“One of Cincinnati’s Finest!”

Our Junior Bowling Program Director is on TV! Check out TNBA Director Anthony Mitchell on WLW5 Cincinnati as he highlights the city’s Rising Star Summer Bowling Program. Read more on our Bowler Spotlight Page

TNBA Week 2024: Sunday Evening Gospelfest

AJR Roll Off During TNBA Week 2024

TNBA’s Junior Bowling Program Director Anthony Mitchell kicks off the AJR Junior Tournament Roll off. President Ron Simms Jr throws out the opening Ball.

After the Western Region Junior champs rolled pass the Central Region champs, they were stopped by the South. Southern Hospitality went out the door as they knocked out the Eastern champs to capture the 2024 AJR Championship.

Games two and three were nailbiters as both final games were determined by the last 2 frames and how the strikes and spares landed:

Game 2: South – 846 pins, West – 834 pins

Game 3: South – 881 pins, East – 873 pins

Everyone were sitting on the edge of their seats!! The games were live streamed by look for the video that will be out soon on the 2024 TNBA Week Page.

JrSRT Highlights

The 2024 Southern Regional Junior Tournament stands out as a beacon of inspiration and achievement. The tournament was held at Southern Lanes in Douglasville, GA, on March 28-29, 2024. Read more on our Bowler Spotlight Page

DeeRonn Booker: 2024 USBC Masters Champ

A Huge Congratulations to DeeRonn Booker for winning the United States Bowling Congress Masters Tournament at Suncoast Bowling Center in Las Vegas, NV on March 31, 2024.  This tournament is one of the most prestigious bowling championships in the world. Read more on our Bowler Spotlight Page and on our Bowler Magazine Program page

TNBA Introduces TNBA Cares

TNBA Cares is a new support platform designed to be a one stop shop for ALL TNBA members. Visit our TNBA Cares page for additional information.

TNBA’s Historical Flipbook Stroll Through our King & Queen Program.

The four volume Flipbook of our “TNBA Kings & Queens By Year” historical stroll (for years 1958 thru 2020) is now online.  This Flipbook displays our Royal Court, captures the essence of our King & Queen program and exemplifies what our Joe Thomas King & Queen Coronation Ball is all about.  To view these volumes and learn more about our King & Queen program, visit our King & Queen Program page.