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TNBA Week 2022

King Johnny Johnson

and Queen Pamela Sterling

Welcomes you to TNBA Week 2022


TNBA Week 2022 was held May 19-29, in the hometown of Prince Dion; Dallas, Texas.  The headquarters hotel was the Westin Dallas Park Central; a great hotel, we were there the last couple of times we were in Dallas.  

Here are some activities that took place for TNBA Week 2022:


Thursday May 19 – Sunday, May 29, the last two weeks in May, 2022
80th Annual Championship Tournament
Team Event: Plano Super Bowl
Doubles and Singles Event: USA Bowl
Mixed Doubles Event: JB’s Allen Bowl
MSL Battle of the Sexes: Plano Super Bowl
TNBA AJR Junior Championship: TBD

Headquarters Hotel: 

The Westin Dallas Park Central

12720 Merit Drive Dallas, TX 75251


Overflow Hotels:

Hyatt Place Dallas Park Central

12411 N. Central Expressway

Dallas, TX 75243


 Embassy Suites Dallas Park Central 13131 North Central Expressway Dallas, TX 75243

(214) 764-3184


Saturday, May 21
TNBA AJR Junior Championship Roll-Off: 8:00 JB’s Allan Bowl

The winner of the 2022 AJR Junior Championship Roll-off was team “Air Strikers”, the Southern Regional champs from the Crescent City Senate out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Team members include 17 year old Jahi Cannon, carrying a 195 average, 280 high game and 780 high series, 16 year old Tyrin Johnson (169 avg, 242 high game, 602 high series), 17 year old Chaz Emery (152 avg, 243 high game, 771 high series), and 17 year old Logan Cannon with a 197 average, 288 high game and 710 high average.

Other teams include team “Get The 10 Out”, Eastern Regional champs from the Metropolitan New Jersey Senate. Team members include 16 year old Azante Warren (204 avg, 300 high game, 779 high series), 15  year old Ja’ree Tolbert (143 avg, 275 high game, 622 high series), 13 year old Jahmid Collins (196 avg, 290 high game, 727 high game) and 17 year old Al-Tarig Green (188 avg, 300 high game, 770 high series.

The Central Regional champs are team “Young Swagga”, junior bowlers from the Chicago Bowling Senate.  Team members include 16 year old Ka’Von Johnson (176 avg, 11 year bowler), 16 year old Leland Rodriguez (154 avg, second year bowler), Sophomore Tyler Ware (174 avg bowling since age 5), and 17 year old Khari Barnes (195 avg and member of the 2019 AJR national champs.)

The Western Regional champs are team “King Pins” from the Inland Empire Senate out of Moreno Valley, California.  Team members include 18 year old Samantha Morning (184 avg, 10-year bowler), 17 year old Garrett Kokanour (210 avg, 279 high game, 791 high series), 18 year old Jacob Dragoman (213 avg, 277 high game, 698 high series), and 17 year old Mathew Tucker (189 avg, 279 high game, 741 high series.)

The stairstep roll-off began with the Western champs rolling against the Central champs. After that shoot out and the smoke cleared, the King Pins bested Young Swagga 903 to 891 to go one to face the Eastern champs.  That second game did not go as well as the King Pins hoped as Team “Get the 10 Out” dominated 899 to 783 to go on to challenge the number one seed, the Southern champs, Air Strikers. The Air Strikers decided to define dominance by meeting that challenge with a 901 to 800 win.  

High rollers include jahi Cannon – 215, Tyrin Johnson – 201, Logan Cannon – 217, Al-Tariq Green – 208, Azante Warren – 235, Jahmid Collins – 228, Garett Kokanour – 245, 267, Jacob Dragoman – 212 and Khari Barnes – 222.  The 2022 AJR Roll-off was a fun and exciting event.  Great bowling juniors,  thanks bowlers and team coaches for a job well done.

Sunday, May 22
TNBA History Display
TNBA Gospel Fest

Monday, May 23
Delegate Registration
81st Annual Convention
TNBA Annual King & Queen Luncheon

Tuesday, May 24
TNBA Memorial Service
Annual Convention
Annual Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame Induction

Wednesday, May 25
King George R. Hull Memorial Golf Tournament, Raffle and Luncheon (JP&SP, Inc.)


Thursday, ±May 26
TNBA Margaret S. Lee National Battle of the Sexes
Scholarship Tournament

Friday, May 27
TNBA Joe Thomas King & Queen Coronation Ball

Saturday, May 28, Sunday May 29
tournament bowl