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The September Issue of TNBA’s Bowler Magazine


The September issue of TNBA’s Bowler magazine is now available.  Check out our Bowler Magazine Program page to view this issue.  We’ve also added volumes 1 & 2 of our “TNBA Kings & Queens By Year” flipbook (for years 1958 thru 2004).  These may be found on our King & Queen Program page.  Volume 3 will be uploaded shortly.




Souvenir Yearbook

This year’s Souvenir Yearbook Journal is dedicated to our Senate members who are First Responders and Essential workers; our members who are providing a service to our communities during this coronavirus pandemic.

See more on our Yearbook Director Page.



FTNBA’s Collegiate Program


FTNBA’s Collegiate Program

Through TNBA’s Collegiate Program’s communications with bowling
coaches from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU),
several have expressed an interest in female & male bowlers out of the
TNBA Junior Programs for their respective university’s bowling

Director Keith Bridgeforth has listed several colleges and
universities that has Collegiate Bowling scholarship programs.  Read more about this on our Collegiate Program Page.


DBS Recognizes one of their Youth

Isabel Ping, a member of the Denver Bowling Senate Junior Bowling Program is a very confident, independent leader with a strong talent for bowling. She is very competitive and strives to compete with the best.  She has won multiple individual awards as well as several team and individual championships, including the 2018 – 2019 Queens / Duchess / Princess tournament for women where she placed 3rd in the Duchess division. She also recently bowled an 878 (300, 278, 300) in a Thanksgiving 9-pin No-Tap fundraising tournament for the DBS Jrs. program.

Read more about Isabel on our Bowler Spotlight Page.


Ari Wilson Captures PBA
Western Regional Title

Bowling in the recent Western Regional Member Non-Member doubles tournament held in South Point Bowling Plaza, Ari Wilson along with his doubles partner Zack Hattori won the Western Regional Doubles Title. This feat has only been accomplished by a handful of amateur bowlers. See more on our Bowler Spotlight Page.





TNBA’s Eastern Field Representative Robert Danzy Jr.

gave a refreshing background on the history and structure of TNBA when he was featured in the Thursday 9/19/19 issue of The Daily Gazette located in Schenectady/Albany NY.

In this article, The Daily Gazette said that “ Robert Danzy Jr. is aggressively — and passionately — promoting an old bowling sanctioning body that might not be too familiar to many local keglers.” TNBA’s Vice President, Dr. Michael Boykins points out that it was “really nice work by our newest Eastern Field Representative” See more on our Bowler Spotlight Page.




TNBA Promotional Video — Celebrating our 80th Anniversary

TNBA has produced a short video documentary about our organization, along with several short snippets that have been extracted from the larger documentary highlighting various aspects or specific programs of our organization. These videos educate others about our organization, it’s history and what it is that uniquely sets us apart from other bowling organizations.

The fifth snippet:  “Tournaments.”  See more on our Bowler Spotlight Page.

Dewann Clark, President, The National Bowling Association, Inc.
Celebrating our 80th Anniversary 1939 – 2019