A Message from the National President

To All TNBA Members:

Dear TNBA Family

On September 1, 2021, after being elected by the delegates at the National Convention this past May, I assumed the office of President of The National Bowling Association, Inc.  As the President of this Organization, I am charged with upholding TNBA’s Vision and Mission, which is to retain our existing members, recruit new members, and “Continue to Build TNBA through Sportsmanship, Fellowship, and Friendship”.

The Vice President and I pledge to uphold TNBA’s Constitution, Policies and Procedures, and have begun to restabilize our organization.  Because of the past pandemic and organizational setbacks, we have a lot of rebuilding to do during our term of the next two years. We have already started working with the outgoing administration and the new administration to have a seamless transition.  There have been some changes in the appointed individuals serving as Directors and Chairpersons.  With their commitment as team players, we will reach our goals and objectives.  We hope to make all of you proud to be part of this organization.

As I have stated as a past President, member involvement is important and each members’ unique strengths and abilities will be utilized to create a cohesive team within TNBA, Inc.  A leader is only as good as his/her support group.

With the 2021-2022 bowling season underway after nearly a year and a half, many things will have to be considered.  I will be meeting with Board Members in October to formulate ideas and to construct plans that will build a foundation for success for our organization. Our primary goal is to strengthen our youth programs.  Our youth are our most important asset.  We do not have a future if our youth are not prepared to be leaders.  Secondly, we will focus on strengthening our communications utilizing all media outlets to keep in touch with our bowlers and to let them have a voice. Lastly, we will strengthen our relationship with our existing industry partners (USBC, etc.), step up our public relations strategies, and seek to develop relationships with new partners.

We have a LOT OF WORK to do and the time to start doing it is NOW!!  Each member can play his/her part by participating in the activities of their local senate, Regional and National Tournaments, other TNBA sponsored programs and events, and most importantly, supporting the TNBA Junior Programs in their region.

As I have repeatedly stated: Our youth programs need rebuilding.  They are the future of this organization.  We MUST begin nurturing them right now! To have leaders tomorrow, we must train them today.  Get involved with your Senate to strengthen Youth participation.

In closing, I am honored to be your President and thank all of you for this opportunity.  I only ask that you become a part of the solution.  Let us build this organization…together.


Gregory P. Green, President
The National Bowling Association, Inc.