A.J.R Roll-Off


      The Anthony J. Roberts Championship Roll-off is the culmination of the junior bowling season. The participants in this event are the Division I Handicap team champions from their respective junior regional tournaments. This year the teams were from Chicago (Central), Baton Rouge (Southern), San Jose (Western) and the reigning Champions from Philadelphia (Eastern) hoping to retain their title.

In the preliminary round, where each team rolls two games for position, saw Chicago (Capri Howard, Byron Lawson, Joshuan Glover and Perry Sibbet-Walker) send a message that they were THE team to beat.  On games of 223 and 227 by Byron, 254 and 215 from Perry and 278 and 211 from anchor bowler Joshuan, the team earned the top seeded position by more than 250 pins with a total of 1757 scratch and 1949 with handicap.

Second seed went to Baton Rouge (The Taylors – Frederic, Deontrae, Cedric and Dominic) with a 1691 with handicap (1443 scratch). Third was Philadelphia (Kory Wharton, Daijon Smith, Jacqueline Ashby and Brian Kennedy) with 1664 handicap (1584 scratch), followed by San Jose (Justin Aboud, Joshua Hawkins, Jacob Scocca and Gary Sammons) with 1647 handicap (1501 scratch).

The first head to head match was Philadelphia against San Jose.  San Jose had a 33 pin handicap advantage but the match was neck and neck and not decided until the10th frame. Joshua Hawkins, the anchor bowler for San Jose, rolled the last seven strikes for a beautiful 258.

Even though Jacqueline rolled a 203, Brian a 211 and Daijon rolling a 234 with handicap, Philadelphia  came up short and  lost by nine pins, 878 to 869.  No repeat for the Eastern champions.

The next Opponent for San Jose was Baton Rouge. San Jose, led by 12-year old Justin Aboud with a 204, could not make up the 51 pin difference in handicap and Baton Rouge, led by Frederic with a 222, advanced to the final round.  Final score with handicap: Baton Rouge 888, San Jose 836.

The Championship match featured Baton Rouge and Chicago.  Even though the scores were low, the match was close from start to finish with only a 32-pin difference in handicap.  Unfortunately, for top-seeded Chicago (led by Capri with a 211 and Byron with a 210), they could not defeat Baton Rouge (high scorers Dominic with a 223 and Frederic with a 203).  The total for Chicago was 840 with handicap.  Baton Rouge finished with a handicap score of 885 and the National Championship title.