TNBA’s Latest “Home-Grown Hero”

2015 PBA World Championship

Christmas came a little early for TNBA’s Gary Faulkner Jr. and his family.  Gary, one of the Memphis Senate Junior Bowling protégées, unwrapped his first Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) title last week, in the final match of the Rolltech PBA World Championship at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV.

In addition to that, Gary became only the 2nd African-American bowler to win a PBA Title; following George Branham III (of Indy) who won five times on the PBA Tour during his tenure.  Could Gary be following in those footsteps?  According to TNBA National Junior Bowling Program Director, Veronica Green and Vice-President of the Memphis Senate and Junior Bowling coach, Sheryl Hayes, ABSOLUTELY!!!  They, along with an entourage of the Memphis bowling community and scores of bowlers around the country, agree with the both of them. Gary’s been watched for a lot of years.

Gary web01
Gary Faulkner, 2007-2008 National Jr. Council Representative

“Gary came to this program at the age of 5, and he was already marked for greatness”, mimicked both Ms. Green and Ms. Hayes.  They both watched him grow as a bowler and as a man.  He’s been a part of the Memphis TNBA Junior Council, mentoring other youth bowlers; won more tournaments within TNBA and outside TNBA than this article has the room to mention and according to anyone who knows him best is a ‘phenomenal young man’.

“My heart stood still watching the tournament last week (Dec, 17), because I was confident he could do it”, his long-time coach Sheryl Hayes stated.  Referring to him ‘like a son’, she goes on to say.  “His professionalism and demeanor that you witnessed on TV.; is the same off the lanes”.

Gary must’ve felt it too!  In his post-win interview, he mentioned that he felt it coming over the past year; and worked hard to make some minor adjustments and taught himself to relax.  It paid off!!!

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