Debbie Lewis, National Director of Tournaments
PO Box 46744, Cincinnati, OH 45246
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Angie Jones, Assistant Director of Tournaments

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79th Annual Championship Tournament

Las Vegas, NV

May 21 – May 31, 2020


Teams:  Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
4000 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
(702) 367-4700

Singles & Doubles:  Texas Station
2101 Texas Star Ln
N. Las Vegas, Nevada 89032
(702) 631-1000

Mixed Doubles:  The Orleans Hotel & Casino
4500 West Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
(702) 365-7111

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If it appears that you will win $600.00 or more, please make sure that we have a W-9 on file for you.

You will not receive your tournament winnings until this form is properly filled out and returned.

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Harvey Johnson, Director

Teon Hogan, Asst. Director

2020 Reed-Hawthorne Singles Classic

Executive Strike & Spare
911 Phillips Lane
Louisville, KY 40209
(502) 368-1651
February 15 – 16, 2020

***** 2020 Results ******

2020 Results

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Live Stream

Men’s Champion, Dan Higgins

Picture of the Top 5 Men

Match 1-Chris Hester defeated John Heath 259-227
Match 2-Chris Hester defeated Viktor Varner 237-225
Match 3-Dan Higgins defeated Chris Hester 248-185
Championship-Dan Higgins defeated George Gohagan III 279-206


Women’s Champion, Jasmine Coleman

Picture of the Top 5 Women

Match 1- Yvette Ford defeated Dawn Fay 220-195
Match 2-Trisha Reid defeated Yvette Ford 245-199
Match 3-Stephanie Walton defeated Trisha Reid 256-199
Championship- Jasmine Coleman defeated Stephanie Walton 258-257

Senior’s Champion Gerald Johnson

Picture of the Top 5 Senior’s

Match 1-Scott Buchanan defeated Byron Davenport 244-237
Match 2-Scott Buchanan defeated Marcus Jackson 228-215
Match 3-Gerald Johnson defeated Scott Buchanan 255-247
Championship-Gerald Johnson defeated Vernon Adams 204-201


Super Senior’s Champion, Leroy Johnson

Picture of the Top 5 Super Senior’s

Match 1- Larry Reamy defeated Marty Rigby 231-189
Match 2- Arlen Holmes defeated Larry Reamy 208-167
Match 3 Gregory Turner defeated Arlen Holmes 213-203
Championship-Leroy Johnson defeated Gregory Turner 237-212