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A Message from the National President

To All TNBA Members:

WELCOME TNBA members to the 2015-2016 bowling season and the fiscal operating year of The National Bowling Association.

In my opening statement on September 1, 2012, as I officially began as the Chief Executive Officer of TNBA, I pledged to uphold TNBA’s Vision and Mission, retention of our existing members, and recruitment of new members, all in the name of Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship”. Since that time, I feel that I’ve done my very best to uphold those commitments to YOU………..our members.

As we enter into the final term of this Administration, I am proud to say that I have been supported by a wonderful TEAM of individuals who have faithfully shared and implemented my vision to make TNBA STRONG. Vice-President, G. Dewann Clark; Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Annette R. Samuel and her office staff, Kya Clark and Betty Wilhoite; and Luther Moses, National Director of Tournaments have all stood steadfastly with me thru thick and thin, all with the vision of moving this organization forward. To them I say “THANK YOU” for standing with and supporting me thru my tenure. To the rest of the Executive Team: National Directors, Chairpersons, Chaplains and Senate Presidents, THANK YOU for four of the most productive Summer Executive Committee Meetings to date. Your diligence, commitment and input in conducting the business of this organization is so much appreciated.

To all of the 20,000 plus members of The National Bowling Association…………the BIGGEST THANKS goes out to all of you. If it weren’t for you……………there would be no US! We all make up “TEAM TNBA” and I hope that the same sentiment will carry out thru the end of my term on August 31, 2016 and beyond, when we elect a new President at the 77th Annual Convention in Dallas, TX in May 2016.

BUT…….in the interim, we STILL have work to do in this, my last year in office. WE are ‘standing on solid ground’ with a solid Constitution, Policies and Procedures, and Administrative Rules and Regulations. Our tournaments get better and better, our Field Reps do a great job in securing new Senates and members, and we have archives in place at the National Office that our founders would be proud of.

We have accepted the resignation of Luther Moses, who has decided to retire from his position as National Director of Tournaments, also effective August 31, 2016. Luther has given much time and effort to TNBA and the 11 TNBA sponsored tournaments taking them into new heights with the assistance of his Tournament Directors. Our tournaments have become technology friendly, gaining enormous acceptance from our members. Members can view some of the tournaments via satellite; register for tournaments and pay their fees online; and so much more that can be done thru technology.

By approval of the Summer Executive Committee Meeting (SECM) members, his replacement Debbie Lewis, who is certainly no stranger to TNBA, will take the helm effective September 1, 2016 and will do a superb job following in Luther’s footsteps. She has an energetic vision and fresh ideas for our tournaments that will certainly please our bowlers.

Let us not forget our youth members of TNBA. They will be taking the reins one day and it is still our responsibility to groom them and maintain them…..NOW!!! Each one, teach one!!! If we all do our part, our Junior members will soon become Senior members and run this organization. Supporting the efforts of JP&SP and the Scholarship Program are just small ways to ensure retaining our youth members as they become adults.

We lost several of our pioneers during this Administration. Let us not forget that it took 76 years to get to where we are presently and these members were responsible for part of our success. Let us move into the future continuing their legacy.

So, in closing, it has been my distinct honor to have served as your President, and I look forward to seeing many of you as I make my way thru the Regionals, Rhodmans, and of course, the 75th National Championship Tournament and 77th Annual Convention the week of May 19 – 29, 2016 in Dallas.

Thank all of you for this wonderful opportunity and please remain part of the team by staying TNBA STRONG. As always, I close in Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship.


Gregory P. Green, President The National Bowling Association, Inc.

[posted 8/31/2015]



I can’t think of a better way to begin the NEW YEAR than to say………………THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to our founding fathers, for having the vision of establishing this great organization, back in 1939 in Detroit, Michigan. Their intent was to give Black adults the opportunity to actively and competitively engage in the sport of bowling. They’ve succeeded!! Seventy-five (75) years later, TNBA is comprised of multi-races, adults and youth, males and females; spread across almost every state in these United States, plus Bermuda.

THANK YOU to the membership for continuing to support TNBA, on and off the lanes, and preserve the founder’s vision of Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship. TNBA would not be the organization it is today without its members.

THANK YOU to “Hammer Brand”, “Worldwide Origins” and the many organizations and establishments that have stood with TNBA for a very long time. HAMMER and WWO introduced a bowling ball and product line of apparel specifically for TNBAs 75th birthday celebration. Throughout our 75 year history, TNBA has maintained long-standing partnerships and strong relationships with almost every bowling organization and establishment known; as well as gained the respect of other organizations and affiliations nationwide.

THANK YOU to all who took part in TNBAs 75th Birthday celebration in Detroit last May. We celebrated in grand-style! And…the celebration continues. A new chapter of TNBA is underway, as we move forward into the 2014-2015 bowling season and our highly anticipated tournament season.

So………….what’s next? We encourage everyone to establish or reestablish your TNBA membership and encourage a friend or two to do the same. The time to do it is NOW! Support one or more of the eleven (11) TNBA sponsored bowling tournaments, starting in February 2015 with the Reed-Hawthorne Classic. Bring your competitive spirit and “A-Game” to compete with bowlers from all over the country. During the month of March, a Rhodman Tournament is held in each U.S. region! In May, the birthday celebration continues in Las Vegas, for the 74th National Championship Tournament and TNBAs 76th Annual Convention. Interested in being a delegate? Contact your local senate. Finally, in November, the Regional Handicap Tournaments return for another wonderful run.

THANK YOU … to TNBAs History Committee, under the direction of Chairperson, Wayde Broughton. He and his team work tirelessly to capture and preserve the history, photos, memorabilia and artifacts of TNBA. After 75 years, there’s a lot of history still out to retrieve. You can help by including your TNBA memorabilia as part of the display by contacting Wayde; who, along with his committee, will have a wonderful display of TNBA History at the National Convention in May 2015.

Finally, I ask that we all continue to support our Youth Programs; as they will one day be at the helm of this great organization and will move forward in making their own history.

THANK YOU……….TEAM TNBA!! As always………Yours in Sportsmanship, Fellowship and Friendship!!!

Gregory P. Green
TNBA National President