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Founders and Past Officers


Brownie Cain (Deceased) Chicago, IL
Issac Rivers (Deceased) Chicago, IL
Leroy Brown (Deceased) Chicago, IL
John Smith (Deceased) Cincinnati, OH
Arble J. Woods, Cincinnati, OH
Joseph L. Blue (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
J. Elmer Reed (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
Oscar McDonald (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
Viola Crosswhlte (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
Firley Carr (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
Emest S. Moore, Detroit, MI
Richard Benton, Detroit, MI
Henry Hardin, Detroit, MI
George Porter (Deceased) Detroit, MI
James Roden, Detroit, MI
James Watts, Detroit, MI
June Watts, Detroit, MI
Geraldine Wells (Deceased) Detroit, MI
Clarence King (Deceased) Toledo, OH
Lucius Hundley (Deceased) Toledo, OH
Dwight Guy (Deceased) Toledo, OH

Past Presidents

1939-41 Wynston T. Brown (Deceased Cleveland, OH
1941-44 Jack Robinson (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
1944-45 William (Gus) Sewell (Deceased) Chicago, IL
1945-47 Poindexter A. Orr (Deceased) Chicago, IL
1947-49 Martin C. Kelley (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
1949-51 Sidney V. Celestine (Deceased) Chicago, IL
1951-52 Kenneth Morris, Los Angeles, CA
1952-56 Ruben E. Pope Jr., Cleveland, OH
1956-58 DeHart Hubbard (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
1958-60 Charles R. Wilson (Deceased) Chicago, IL
1960-63 Eric M. DeFreitas (Deceased) NY, NY
1963-65 Joseph A. Thomas (Deceased) East Orange, NJ
1965-68 Virgil E. Brown (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
1968-70 Preston W. Thomas (Deceased Somerset, NJ
1970-73 George E. Hambrick (Deceased) Chicago, IL
1973-75 Levan Gordon (Deceased) Philadelphia, PA
1975-77 Alonzo Paytes (Deceased) Chicago, IL
1977-80 Leroy P. Williams (Deceased) Los Angeles, CA
1980-84 Joan I. McDuffie (Deceased) Chicago, IL
1984-88 Alonzo Bridges, Newark, NJ
1988-92 Edward D. Jones (Deceased) Los Angeles, CA
1992-96 Perry T. Daniels, Carrollton, TX
1996-00 Anthony M. Fikes, Milwaukee, WI
2000-04 Cornell M. Jackson, Lanham, MD
2004-08 Alesia Bryant, St. Louis, MO
2008-12 Dr. Michael L. Boykins, Ridgeland, MS
2012-16  Gregory P. Green, Jackson, MS


Past Officers

Mary L. Wilkes (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
William M. Hurd (Deceased) Newark, NJ
Theodore Page (Deceased) Pittsburgh, PA
Rosa Strothers (Deceased) Buffalo, NY
Edward T. Rollins (Deceased) Edwardsville, IL
Charlie Mae McIntosh (Deceased) Toledo, OH
Owen O. Washington (Deceased) Chicago, IL
Emily Kidd (Deceased) Los Angeles, CA
Anna M. Calderaro (Deceased) Bronx, NY
Donald Pamell, Akron, OH
JoAnne Marr, Toledo, OH
J. Elmer Reed (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
Jimmy Jones, Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
Viola Crosswhite (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
Bert Washington, Toledo, OH
HazeIl Van Vlerah (Deceased) Toledo, OH
James D. Alston, Richardson, TX
Virginia Pearce, Toledo, OH
Lucius Hundley (Deceased) Toledo, OH
John Anderson, Detroit, MI
Geraldine Wells (Deceased) Detroit, MI
Sea Ferguson (Deceased) Indianapolis, IN
Brownie Cain (Deceased) Chicago, IL
Helyn L. Cooper (Deceased) Toledo, OH
Clarence K. Johnson (Deceased) Chicago, IL
Herschel Chalk Jr., Cincinnati, OH
Margaret S. Lee, Brooklyn, NY
Rogers D. Clark Sr., Akron, OH

President Emeritus

Sidney V. Celestine (Deceased) Chicago, IL
Martin C. Kelley (Deceased) Cleveland, OH
Levan Gordon (Deceased) Philadelphia, PA