Souvenir Yearbook

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Rob McDaniel – Director

We are heading to Las Vegas this year, May 21-31, 2020.  Last year we were in St. Petersburg, FL.  We had a great time there, we are expecting more excitement in Vegas.  We expect nothing but excitement as we welcome you to our annual national convention, a competitive national tournament and a fun-filled TNBA Week.  Expect great things as TEAM TNBA bring you an electrifying TNBA Week.  Plan to attend the awesome Junior Bowler Roll Off, the fun-time Battle  of  the  Sexes Tournament, Gospel Fest, dances, JP&SP National Golf Tournament, and the most anticipated King & Queen Ball’s “Mardi Gras Nights” gala event, plus many, many more activities!!!  And of course there’s the ten days of tournament bowl.

Here, in this year’s souvenir yearbook journal is where you can become part of this exciting time. This is where you can showcase your senate; this is where you would be included in TNBA’s history. Below, I have listed the sizes and prices for TNBA’s Souvenir yearbook ads.  This is where you can acknowledge your support for TNBA and your senate.

Souvenir Yearbook Forms
1 – 2020 AdLetter
2 – 2020 AdOrderForm
3 – 2020 HighScores – Adults
4 – 2020 HighScores Juniors


Here are pages from our 2019 Yearbook: