The National Bowling Association, Incorporated (TNBA) established on August 4, 1980 a “Not For Profit” organization for educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The fundraising corporation was named the Junior Program & Scholarship Program, Incorporated, commonly referred to as JP & SP, Inc.


To provide financial assistance to the educational support of our TNBA Junior Bowlers graduating from high school and entering colleges and universities. We promote sportsmanship, fellowship and friendship through the scholarship program. The objectives are: eliminate illiteracy, provide opportunity, and preserve the future of our Juniors. The Junior Bowler must be a member of the TNBA Junior Program or the parent and/or legal guardian must be a TNBA member.

Annually, JP & SP, Inc. awards greater than $10,000.00 to TNBA Junior Bowlers. To date, JP & SP, Inc. scholarship contributions exceeds $340,000.00. We accept donations daily. Your contributions are tax deductible. Please make payable to JP & SP, Inc., in the memo area stipulate your donation. Donors may mail to: Bessie M. Mack, Interim Treasurer, 5875 N. Yemo Dr., F-4, Toledo, OH 43613 and/or use PayPal.


Individuals, groups, companies, corporations, and grants may stipulate and/or select one of the designated fundraisers listed:
Century Club Membership Levels: Basic $100; Onyx $300; Ruby $500; Sapphire $1,000; Emerald $3,000; Diamond $5,000; Corporate above $5,000 and Commemorative (to celebrate a special occasion, event, or person).
Celebrity Bowl

Penny for your Thoughts/Dollars for Scholars

Annual Golf Tournament

Margaret S. Lee Battle of the Sexes

Cruise (Bi-Annual, Odd Year)

Amazon: go to and designate your charity as National Bowling Association Junior Program & Scholarship Program Inc (please enter exactly as the bold print)

For more information please contact:
Thaddeus Roberts, Sr. JP&SP
(513) 769-1985 Ext. 251

“Without education, there is no hope for our people and without hope, our future is lost.”
Charles Hamilton Houston, Author