Joint International Bowling Campus


Annually, select TNBA youth will have the opportunity to train as “Olympians” at the USBC International Training and Research Center. This multi-day event began as a project meant to open pathways for increasing minority participation in elite levels of competition. This is an opportunity for our highly skilled athletes to travel to the Olympic designated training facility for a 2.5 day session with Team USA Coaches and staff members.  Opportunities like this increase the visibility of our TNBA youth.

For the ninth year, top TNBA youth bowlers (4 boys and 4 girls) will be selected to participate in a two-day, training session at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas.  The program’s success can be measured by the programs’ alumni who are current and past collegiate stand-outs. Our TNBA youth include High School seniors who are graduating with state titles and scratch competition championships under their belts.

The deadline for submitting applications is APRIL 15 for the training program which takes place on Friday and Saturday in August. All expenses are paid by TNBA and the USBC.

Alumni- Please reach out and refer youth you feel should know of this great opportunity. This is your opportunity to give back by spreading the word. Don’t hesitate to let me know of qualified individuals.
TNBA Youth Coordinators/Coaches- feel free to contact me with any questions.


I look forward to receiving the submissions from our very talented youth athletes.

Barbara Council-Armstead
TNBA Youth Weekend Project Coordinator
(215) 284-4966